Junior Hockey Training Centre

Civic / Recreation - New

The Sunshine Coast was recently awarded a coveted team expansion slot for the Pacific Junior Hockey League Junior B team roster. With this expansion comes the necessity to improve the current facility. A 7,000 sqft training center is proposed as an addition that will serve the teams needs for future seasons. The addition is sited between a ball field and the large unbroken insulated metal panel wall of the existing ice arena which is obstensibly the back-of-house side of the current community centre. We see this location as fortuitous because the ball field acts as permanent sod landscape that will act as a front lawn and vista for the new addition.

Because one requires entry to the ice from both sides of the arena, the strategy of the building mass becomes one of linearity. It is modest in form yet bold in its repetition and horizontality. We’ve employed a single storey wood structural truss system with a cladding combination of 4’ wide cement panels and wood shiplap inset bays to designate a formal resonance against the monotony of the grid. The spaces under the overhangs denote important functions of the building - entrances and exits - while also providing rain cover when waiting for a parent pick-up or when seated looking outward to the adjacent green expanse.

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